Our Team

Your partners at Excel™

Alex Matseikovich

CEO and Co-Founder

Craig Sturgill

COO & Co-Founder

Rodolfo Marrero

CTO and Co-Founder

Michael Harvey

Vice President of Business Development

Mark Romero

Vice President of Marketing

Julia Matseikovich

Vice President of Digital Ads

Michel Chelnokov

Financial Controller

Dan Lilly

Director of Consumer Experience

Brent Phillips

Director of Client Success

Isaac Schlossberg

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Tylor French

Network Partner Coordinator

Laurin Fedora

Email Marketing Manager

Lindsay Malzone

Director of SEO

Eugene Shakun

PPC Manager

Nataly Gaiduk

PPC Manager

Elena Kuzmina

Sr. PPC Manager

Vladimir Matseikovich

SEM Performance Lead

Uladzimir Reshatko

PPC Manager

Mariya Nedosekina

PPC Manager

Oleg Manko

Lead Designer

Sailin Marrero

Full Stack Developer

Ryand Gottschalk

Senior Manager, Network Partnerships

Christian Medina

Senior Marketing Manager

Abraham Hernandez

Backend Developer

Amber Oppman

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Meghan McGhee

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Amelia Ciffone

Senior Account Manager

Zalkifl Syed

Low/Code Product Development

Sarah Venable

Sarah Venable

Account Manager

Christopher Scholz

Jr. Account Manager

Jordan Epstein

Technical Account Manager

Jansen Cosart

Staff Accountant

Emily Retherford

SEO Content Specialist

Marcus Raphael

Marketing Coordinator

Boleslaw Nadowski

Cloud DevOps Engineer

James Finlay

Senior Business Analyst

Hector Bobadilla

Full Stack Engineer

Julio Marroquin

Senior Full Stack Developer

Krzysztof Słomka

Senior Full Stack Developer